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Dealer Application & Access


1 Dealer applications and inquiries are welcomed.
2 To become a Dealer you must fax the following information to: 573-302-1202.
* A copy of your Federal Tax ID Certificate.
* A copy of a Telephone or Utility Bill showing the name of your business.
* A picture of your Store Front or Location clearly showing the name of your business.
3 Create an account here on the website by CLICKING HERE and enter your Business Name, etc.
4 We will review your Application within 7 days and reply to your request.
5 Once you are approved you will receive "Dealer" pricing on all orders.


Dealers should login using the account they created when signing up.

Your account will be 'flagged' as a Dealer and you will receive Dealer Pricing on all orders.
(Please Note: All existing Dealers must create an account, but are not required to complete the steps approval process defined above. Please let us know when you have created your account so that we can set it up for dealer pricing.


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